​Idaho Dash Track Club

"Helping you achieve your goals"


Every athlete has different goals and levels of success.  We encourage and guide the athletes to set goals and then assist them in achieving these goals.

Providing the Track Athlete with the tools necessary to compete at their highest level.  Individualized workouts for the events that they want to compete in.

To be the best, an athlete has to have to drive to get better daily.  While working hard on the track to get better, the coaches also will push the athletes to be the best in the classroom as well.



Idaho Dash Track Club provides Track athletes age 9 and up in the Treasure Valley the opportunity to be the best that they can be. 

We provide the athlete the opportunity to reach their full potential by developing endurance, speed, strength, self-esteem, discipline, personal accountability, and goal achievement.  We always promote and encourage good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, respect for ourselves and

others and above all else we want the athletes to have fun and develop a love for Track and Field.